New WPF Features: Easing Functions

This is part of a series on New WPF Features

Easing functions enables adding custom math formulas to your animations. The animations also looks more realistic and smoother. WPF now provides this functionality and as in SL there are 11 such inbuilt functions. Each of these come with 2 Easing Modes - EaseIn,EaseOut,EaseInOut.                                                                               

The functions for the EaseIn Mode are shown below.

        <BackEase Amplitude='1' EasingMode='EaseIn' />

        <BounceEase Bounces='3' Bounciness='2' EasingMode='EaseIn'/>

        <CircleEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' />

        <CubicEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' />

        <ElasticEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' Oscillations='3' Springiness='3' />

        <ExponentialEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' />

        <PowerEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' Power='3'/>

        <QuadraticEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' />

        <QuarticEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' />

        <QuinticEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' />

        <SineEase  EasingMode='EaseIn' />

 I tried the different functions in a sample (graph code by our dev Brandon). The code is attached



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