Dutty Eh!! Sean Paul Mashes up Ina di Kenya

My Easter last weekend was a blast; I went to the Sean Paul Concert at the Carnivore Gardens in Nairobi, his first tour in Africa (big thanks to Microsoft for treating us with tickets). The fact that he spoke some swahili during the concert (especially for di ladies) and also sang some Bob Marley classics made it oh so wicked. I know the rude bwoys ina di crowd loved his on stage perfomers, i did, those lady performers “Shaked that thang”. Of the groups that opened up the concert, i must say Necessary Noize took the crown, their two singles of their new album “Kenyan Boy” and the # 1 hit “Bless my room” had the crowd in harmony, more fire !! His best cut of the night ? “Infiltrate”, like Chris GoldFinger always says, “Dancehall nice again”.