Great Day at Microsoft DevDays Kenya 2004

So i just came from back from the venue where we just concluded DevDays Kenya 2004. It was a great event, the turnout, the speakers, the stage setup and more. The Stage Lighting was done by the same company that did the lighting for Sean Paul when he was here on tour so i was blown away by the job they did to setup the “.NET“ stage. The speakers did a terrific job, much thanks to Malek and more so Goksin who rushed from the airport straight to the event and got to JIT Speak for his two sessions. The both also did some Avalon and Whidbey demos at the closing Keynote which definitely left the crowd buzzed. So what's next ? I'm off to Dubai tomorrow for the Microsoft Research Academic Days where i get to hang out with guys who have allot to say about Rotor's in depths. I also get to hopefully see the very beautiful Burj Al Arab Hotel and hang out with some friends i have there, I'm leaving my credit card at home this time !