Logic Apps tools for Visual Studio 2017

We're excited to announce that we recently shipped full support for developing and managing Azure Logic Apps within Visual Studio 2017.  The extension can be installed from the marketplace via the Extensions and Updates option in the menu.  This release is also coupled with a few improvements to the experience of building workflows within Visual Studio.

Import logic apps from Azure

Whether you started developing your logic app in the Azure Portal, or used the Resource Group project, you can still get the same deployment and management experience within Visual Studio.  The Cloud Explorer now allows you to Download workflows published in an Azure subscription.  Simply right-click the logic app in the Cloud Explorer tool, and select "Edit in Designer."  A download button will be available which creates a resource template for the logic app.  The template automatically includes parameters and connection resources.  The JSON template could even be used within a new or existing Resource Group project.

Performance improvements for the embedded designer

Along with getting the full logic app design experience within Visual Studio 2017, the tools also include significant performance and usability improvements.  This means building apps has the same responsive and rich experience you would get from the browser.  However, the Visual Studio tools automatically generate resource templates so solutions can be checked into source control, versioned, and deployed into environments through a release management process.

Support for Resource Template Parameters

The tools for Visual Studio now support using resource template parameters within the logic app definition.  For example, if calling an Azure Function you can replace the resource ID in the definition with [resourceId('Microsoft.Web/sites/functions', 'myFunctionApp', 'myFunction')] - and when rendering the designer it will correctly resolve against the resource group.  This means you can author and work with logic app definitions in the designer that can be valid against dependent resources that will be deployed as part of the solution.

View active logic app run history

The cloud explorer also provides management tools for deployed logic apps.  This includes the ability to view and monitor runs, enable, and disable logic apps.

If you have a feature you'd like to see in the logic apps tools for Visual Studio, be sure to let us know on UserVoice.