Release Update 2017-04-21

Release Notes

  • Can now create parallel actions in designer by selecting the "+" above an action
  • Retry-history now shows up in monitoring view and via /actions API to know when transient retries were applied
  • Modified styling to allow more content on the screen (wider cards, font and styling changes)
  • New template for a sequential convoy added
  • Can now use x-ms-dynamic-values and x-ms-dynamic-schema for HTTP + Swagger to have custom dropdowns/properties

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed version mode so is correctly read-only until promote is selected
  • IE 11 styling fixes
  • Creating a connection to SQL with the gateway would sometimes gray out create button
  • Until condition would incorrectly allow switching to "basic" mode when there was a complex condition written
  • Accessibility fixes
  • Until loops would incorrectly propagate action status in some cases