A Long time coming!

Finally we’ve announced Windows Phone 7. I’m not going to talk more about it as you’ve probably have read/learned/watched/listened to everything that there is to know about the Windows Phone 7 Series from other sites. I just wanted to congratulate the team on a job well done, it has been painful but a much needed change.



I did however, get a lot of questions about the developer story, platform etc. we are not prepared to talk about it yet but all will be revealed at two coming events, Game Developer Conference in San Francisco and MIX 10 in Las Vegas. Just to give you a preview, here are the list of sessions that are phone related at GDC :


Title: Overview of Game Development for Windows phone

The future of Windows phone has never looked better. This talk will cover the foundation of Windows phone development, with a look at Windows phone device characteristics, the basic Windows phone development platform, and the business opportunities available through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Title: Optimizing Performance of Modern Games for Windows phone

The Windows phone development platform supports a wide range of high-performance applications, including detailed rendering in games with high-fidelity content. This talk will cover best practices for harnessing the full power of the device, with an emphasis on optimizing graphics in high-end mobile games.

Title: Development and Debugging Tools for Windows phone

Developing for mobile platforms has always required special tools and special techniques. This talk will cover the core tools available to the Windows phone developer, with an emphasis on building, debugging, and testing high-performance games.

Title: Expanding the Reach of Gaming on Windows phone

A well-designed connection between a mobile game and hosted server through arbitrary web access opens up a whole world of possibility for mobile games. This talk will focus on a basic design for a web-services-enabled game with an eye towards best practices and outline upcoming Microsoft services that greatly broaden the Windows phone gaming community

and watch this space for the list of sessions at MIX10 : https://live.visitmix.com/Sessions#/tags/WindowsPhone


This is going to fun!