A Wickedly Cool Conference Application

We've been working on an application for a few months now that a lot of you have asked for when attending Microsoft Technical Conferences. The most common request is the ability to have a conference guide on your Windows Mobile device that saves you time and hassle of having to carry around a cumbersome printed conference guide and flipping through it to look for sessions and room locations.

So working with Daniel Wagner & Dr. Dieter Schmalstieg, researchers from the Graz Institute of Technology in Vienna, we've created Signpost 2007.


Signpost 2007 is a location aware conference guide that let's the user browse conference sessions and help them locate where they are and navigate them to the desired location. Signpost 2007 is built using Augmented Reality and sophisticated marker detection technologies and will run on a wide variety of Mobile Devices such as :

  • Tornado Noble
    also known as: i-mate SP5, O2 XDA IQ, O2 XDA Orion, Vodafone VDA II, Vodafone v1240, Qtek 8310, Dopod 577W
  • Palm Treo 700W
  • MotorolaQ
  • HTC Excalibur
    also known as: Orange SPV E600, T-Mobile MDA Mail, T-Mobile Dash, Dopod C720W, O2 XDA Cosmo, HTC S620
  • HTC Wizard
    T-Mobile MDA Vario, T-Mobile MDA US, Dopod 838, Vodafone VPA Compact II, Cingular 8125, Cingular 8100, O2 XDA mini PRO, O2 XDA mini S, Qtek 9100, Orange SPV M3000, I-Mate K-JAM
  • HTC Startrek
    also known as: Orange SPV F600, Cingular 3125, Qtek 8500, I-Mate Smartflip, Dopod 710 / StrTrk S300
  • HTC Artemis
    also known as: Orange M650, O2 XDA Orbit, Dopod P800W, T-Mobile MDA Compact III, HTC P3300HTC Vox
  • also known as: HTC S710, Orange SPV E650


Here's a video showing how Signpost 2007 can be used, look out for the Easter Egg Contest at MEDC 2007. *VIDEO NOW WORKS. I had it on private previously, sorry!.*

If you're a MEDC attendee, you can download the application here: http://www.medc2007.com/signpost