Clarification: Submitting Apps to additional regions through Marketplace

We presented a session at TechEd Australia yesterday about Windows Marketplace for Mobile and we took many questions from all the interested developers in the audience. One of the questions was about the cost for submitting your application for sale in additional countries. Here’s the answer we gave :

  1. We said that the first $99 gets you 5 application “slots” that you can submit apps to. Each application after the first 5 would cost $99/each.
  2. Unlimited updates for each of these slots.
  3. If you need to submit that app for sale in other countries, it would cost you a “slot” which is $99 *THIS IS WRONG*

The right answer is :


Our apologies for not clarifying that fact earlier. Must be a brainfart on our part :)


thanks all for spending your time listening to us and have a great TechEd.