Wow. and I’m still here. You know when folks come up to me and ask me how are things in my part of the world, I find myself saying “great! I’m still surviving.”. It’s funny how I’ve transitioned from “Awesome! just great” or “Fantastic” to “Still surviving”. I guess all the changes within the company is taking a toll on me.  I’ve started in this company working for Microsoft Malaysia setting up their Developer and Platform Evangelism team ten years ago and now I find myself in the geekiest of all teams in Microsoft, the Robotics Division. It’s funny because since, well, forever, my online nickname was “robot”. Many of my friends back home in Malaysia remember me as that too but never in a million years would I have thought I’d end up working on robots in Microsoft. It is definitely the place I’d want to work in.

Here’s the recognition for 10years of blood, sweat and tears.



Here’s to the next 10!