Top 5 Windows Mobile Twitter Apps

Actually there are only five that I know off (so they’re all top!) and one homescreen plugin, but I thought the title makes it sound nice ;)

#1: TinyTwitter ( )

Screen08 Screen07

Features: Very functional, GPS,  quick.

#2: Pocketwit ( )

 Screen04 Screen05 Screen06

Features: Very pretty, GPS, Maps support, URL shortening, twitpic, search.twitter, themes

#3: Twobile ( )


Features: Twitpic, GPS, URL shortening

#4: CETwit ( )

 Screen01 Screen02 Screen03

Features: Twitpic, GPS, URL shortening, retweet, skweezer,

#5: Twitula (

Features: functional, better UI

#6: Twit Today ( )


Features: homescreen plugin

there you go, what do you think? Gimme feedback @lokeuei