Der Münchner C++ Day 2011 mit Starsprechern von Microsoft und Intel


Am 19. Oktober 2011 findet nachmittags im schicken MACE Restaurant in München der Münchner C++Day 2011 statt. Hier erfahren 50 C++ Developer exklusiv alles zu den Angeboten und Neuerungen von Microsoft und Intel im Bereich C++.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos aber es sind nur 50 Plätze verfügbar, also melden Sie sich umgehend an, um das Event nicht zu versäumen: Zur kostenlosen Anmeldung für den Münchner C++ Day 2011.  

Unter anderem erwarten Sie die folgenden Sessions

Keynote: Visual Studio 11 and Windows – Powering the Next Wave of Innovation
Visual Studio C++ Program Manager Boris Jabes und Visual Studio Architect Jean-Pierre Duplessis stellen die neuesten Entwicklungen und Ausblicke für C++ in Visual Studio und auf der Microsoft-Plattform vor. Eine Session, die kein C++ Developer verpassen sollte.

Effective C++ Programming with Visual Studio 11 Ultimate
Programmer productivity in the era of agile development is no longer something we can count with lines of code. Visual Studio brings together a slew of lifecycle management tools—from architecture analysis to unit testing—that dramatically improve the productivity of C++ developers everywhere. Come learn how the next version Visual Studio will help you embrace agile methodologies like never before!

Unleash Parallel Performance with C++ in Visual Studio 11
Parallelism is everywhere. The upcoming version of Visual C++ enables native developers to remain the kings of performance across all form-factors. With new compiler technology, we will show how every developer can take advantage of multi-core CPUs. With C++ AMP, we bring the cheap & awesome power of GPUs to every C++ programmer. Finally, we bring it all together with enhancements to the debugging and profiling experiences across VS.

Graphics & Game development tools in Visual Studio 11
Visual Studio 11 brings the most significant set of improvements for developing graphics-intensive apps in over a decade. Whether you are just getting started with 2D/3D games or a self-proclaimed “Guru”, there's something for you in this talk. We will walkthrough a slew of new tools integrated into Visual Studio that will make your life better.

Hochkarätige Sprecher von Microsoft und Intel

Bev Bachmayer

Bev Bachmayer Senior Software Engineer Software and Solutions Group at Intel GmbH

Bev Bachmayer has worked in diverse software engineering, performance engineering and engineering management positions in the US and Europe during her 28 years at Intel. Her key area of interest is performance analysis and optimization of software on new computer architectures. Additionally, Bev supports increasing the number of professional females entering computer science/engineering programs worldwide through multiple projects. Bev holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Oregon and an MBA from Portland State University. She is a member of the IEEE, ACM and the European Professional Women's Association (EPWN).


Jean-Pierre Duplessis Architect, Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Corporation

Jean-Pierre Duplessis is an architect for Microsoft Visual Studio. His mission is to simplify and integrate the functions needed to make Visual Studio a key tool in the service of a new generation of software. Before working on the last four versions of Visual Studio, he was instrumental in the creation of Windows XP. “JP” as he is nicknamed is originally from Canada where he was CEO for ten years for a software company called JPSoft before joining Microsoft.


Boris Jabes Senior Program Manager, Visual C++ Team, Microsoft Corporation

Boris Jabes is a senior program manager lead on the Visual C++ team where he is responsible for improving the IDE experience for C++ developers. Recently, he's been concentrating on making the IDE scale to multi-million line source bases. Before joining Microsoft, Boris obtained degrees from the University of Waterloo and Carnegie Mellon where he specialized in distributed systems and software engineering.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos aber es sind nur 50 Plätze verfügbar, also melden Sie sich umgehend an, um das Event nicht zu versäumen: Zur Anmeldung für den Münchner C++ Day 2011.