The end of an era

Today marks the end of a journey that started in January 2004, when I have joined the EMEA Visual Studio team in Microsoft Customer Service and Support. Over the last seven and a half years I have helped customers with .NET Framework, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation Server issues but time has come for me to move on to new challenges.

I had the opportunity to support Team Foundation Server since its launch, and see the product mature into an awesome product that Team Foundation Server 2010 is today. In case you would like to see early insights into the future of Application Lifecycle Management I highly recommend that you watch this session.

Over the years I got to know and worked closely with the Team Foundation Server product group, and they are the most customer focused bunch that I have ever worked with. That is why I am really excited to join the Service Delivery team within the Team Foundation Server product group that works on Team Foundation Server on Azure.

I have a long list of things that I wanted to write about but never found the time and I hope that soon I will have the chance to revisit my list. I will also try to share with you some insights on running Team Foundation Server on Azure.

I will continue the make contributions to the Team Foundation Server Best Practices Analyzer expanding the knowledge of the tool. I am also planning to resume working on the TFS Administration Tool and find ways to evolve the Team Foundation Server administration experience.