SQL PASS 2005 musing and picture!

SQL PASS was held in Dallas, TX the week before last.  At the event I gave 3 talks - one end-to-end RS talk, an upgrade talk on both RS and NS, and an NS breakout drilling a little more into the inner workings of NS.  All the presentations went well and were well attended.

All this is well and good, but really this article is an excuse to show you how many Microsofties it takes to screw in a light bulb.  To give you the scenario - Michael Raheem (left most in the photo) was organizing a live upgrade session during the David Campbell's keynote.  To do that, he recruited a set of customers at PASS.  That's right - no preparation, just whoever wanted to give it a try and had he mix of components (various features of SQL Server, interesting uses of those features) could have  a shot at it.   So the night before, we were working with a customer who wanted to upgrade Analysis Services and Reporting Services.  Well, once 1 person started helping the customer... everyone converged to see if they could help, too.  Here's what it looked like.