BizTalk Server 2006 Beta Documentation (.CHM Format)

Here is a downloadable version of the BizTalk Server 2006 Beta documentation in a .chm format! We continue to look for feedback on our documentation and welcome any comments you have!!

Update: This is the 3/8/06 documentation build (includes business users guide and SSO.chm file). There has been a ton of hard work and content creation since Beta 2. Check it out! We are still looking for feedback!

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Known Issues with this version of the documentation
The following are known issues with this version of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 Help:

Missing Content
The following content is missing from the .chm file:

  • COM Object Reference
  • WMI Class Reference
  • Schema Property Reference
  • Map Property Reference
  • Functoid Reference
  • Message Context Properties
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On Flags

Table of Content Issues
The following are known issues with the table of contents:

  • The .NET class reference is located in the "BTS2006" node
  • The .chm file opens up to the "BTS2006" node that contains the .NET class reference