BizTalk Server 2006 RTW Documentation Refresh

The content keeps coming!!

Today we are announcing the release of our documentation refresh for BizTalk Server 2006. This bag of goodies (.chm format) contains everything in the RTM version and the following:

  • Complete documentation for all BizTalk Server Line of Business Adapters, including new tutorials, one for each adapter. See the section "Using Adapters."
  • Troubleshooting guidance for each of the native BizTalk adapters. See the section "Troubleshooting Adapters."
  • Troubleshooting Instructions for how to capture a memory dump. See the section "How to Capture a Memory Dump of a BizTalk Process."
  • Disaster recovery instructions for backing up and restoring your BizTalk Server and databases. See the section "Backing Up and Restoring BizTalk Server"
  • Updated Tutorials. See the section, "BizTalk Server 2006 Tutorials"
  • Information for improving fault tolerance. See the section "Planning and Architecture"
  • Updated Developer's Reference that now includes the BAM namespaces that were not included in the RTM documentation. See the section "Developer's Reference"

In addition there are numerous fixes based heavily on YOUR feedback that was gathered through our documentation feedback mechanism. Keep sending that feedback!

Note: This content will be available through MSDN shortly, but is all yours in .chm format right now!