Calling all Programmer Writers!

The Microsoft E-Business User Education team is looking for an extraordinary person to join our team. This team is responsible for creating content for BizTalk Server and Commerce Server. The position requires a technically-adept person with senior-level writing skills who can deliver customer-responsive documentation for the developer audience. The right person for this job will have an excellent understanding of E-Business technologies, their business problems, and the audience for this content. The right candidate will have a passion for customer work and the drive to produce content for our customers. Requirements include experience in developing C++, C#, or VB samples or scenarios, an interest in creating tutorials and videos, strong writing skills, proven ability to think strategically, the ability to find innovative ways to satisfy customers, and the ability to work closely and effectively with team members and partners in a stimulating, fun atmosphere in which great things can be accomplished. A BS or BA degree in writing-related field is preferred.

Contact me here if you are interested: