Instant Message, User Assistance, BizTalk Server.

So it's closing out on the end of the day and for whatever reason my brain activity kicks up a notch. This happens every day between 5-7 and good or bad, ideas happen. This one could bomb, but I am going to try it anyway. Show of hands to all those with Instant Messaging on their machines. Ok, very good. You in the server room....put your hand down!! OK. many of you would actually use it to chat with the documentation team for BizTalk Server? Ooooo Ahhhhh. Uhhhhh....

Lets find out...


Add to your Windows Messenger List!

I'll be signed in from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm PST tomorrow (1/26/2007) to hear feedback on the documentation and find out what you really need from us! What's missing? What are you not seeing on MSDN that you want to see? What code samples do we need to give you? The list goes on....

Note: I may not respond immediately because:

  • I am in a meeting and trying to hide the fact I am on IM
  • There are hundreds of people online and I am completely overwhelmed
  • I went to get some (c)
  • I'm actually writing!

However, I will respond!