PowerShell - DSC Linux MOFs and logs

working with DSC on Linux, there are a few things to know that don't seem to be documented anywhere obvious. 

OMI stuff  lives in
/opt/omi/lib /opt/omi/bin

 For troubleshooting you look at the logs which are here:
cat /var/opt/omi/log/omiserver.log         #the OMI CIM server cat /var/opt/omi/log/dsc.log               #the LCM and DSC logging. Start your troubleshooting here!

the MOFs are in /etc/opt/omi/conf/dsc/configuration backup.mof

modules live in  ls /opt/microsoft/dsc/modules the zips get downloaded to ls /opt/microsoft/dsc/module_packages 

getDscConfiguration is a Python script,  run from

sudo /opt/microsoft/dsc/Scripts/GetDscConfiguration.py 

see also:
sudo ./GetDscConfiguration.py
sudo ./TestDscConfiguration.py
sudo ./SetDscLocalConfigurationManager.py
sudo ./RestoreConfiguration.py
sudo ./PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks.py
sudo ./InstallModule.py