Luper's Learnings - Azure Technical Community for Partners (February 2016)

Welcome to the February 2016 monthly edition of Luper’s Learnings.

My apologies for the delay. My intent was to get this edition out to you last week but I was deep in Azure learning at an internal conference and spending time with 17 of our Partner focused Azure community. Thanks for the suggestions you sent over the past month or so. Please keep them coming via Twitter and email at luperslearnings (at)

Much appreciation to the dozens of partners and Microsoft colleagues I met with in January during my time in Auckland & Wellington, New Zealand as well as Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. It was terrific to have 1:1 meetings, small group partner discussions, meals, drinks and 1:many events. We have such amazing partners delivering solutions to our mutual customers including Azure as part of the solution!

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Here are topics I’ve run across and my Learnings from the last month…


  • In November I told you about Brad Smith’s In the Cloud We Trust discussion. Compliance, Security, Privacy and Trust are always top of mind for Microsoft and Azure. Below are a handful of related resources some of which are very new or updated recently.
    • 13 effective security controls for ISO 27001 compliance was posted by Alice Rison at the end of January providing some suggestions to consider when moving a service to the cloud while meeting compliance obligations.
    • I suspect that you’ve heard about Sarah Fender’s December announcement about the availability of the Azure Security Center (currently in public preview.) In January, Royi Ronen, an Azure Cybersecurity Data Scientist told us how Microsoft applies Machine Learning in Azure Security Center to take advantage of all of the data we have access to in order to help keep our customers and their Azure based deployments more secure.
    • As always, the Microsoft Azure Trust Center is the center of the universe when it comes to Security, privacy, compliance and trust topics in Azure.
  • “I just want to store files! How hard can it be?” is one of the questions that Fabio Cavalcante answers in his post on File management with Azure Mobile Apps.
  • In mid-January, Cristy Gonzalez provided the January update and roadmap for the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer preview. Azure Storage Explorer is available for Windows, OS X and Linux for free.
  • Azure AD B2C (currently in public preview) lets you make it easier for your customers’ users to easily and securely login to consumer-facing apps with existing accounts like Microsoft, Google and Facebook. I saw a great overview and demo of AAD B2C at a conference last week. You can read about it and watch the 10 minute overview at Easily enable identity and access management with social logins for B2C apps.
  • Brady Gaster announced the Azure SDK 2.8.2 for .NET. This release includes some user interface, validation improvements and engineering optimizations to improve the App Service developer experience.
  • Joe Levy says in his post Announcing the Azure Automation PowerShell ISE add-on that in Azure Automation, runbook authoring is typically done in the Azure portal, using our browser-based experience. However, in experimenting with ways to improve our runbook authoring process, we developed a new, open-source tool for runbook authoring.
  • Announcing enhanced migration and disaster recovery for VMware using ASR tells us that we can now protect and replicate VMware virtual machines and physical servers to Azure, without the need to deploy any replication or orchestration components in Azure IaaS.
  • The Azure Everywhere Readiness Program is a series of 15 webcasts, launching today. It’s intended for Azure pre-sales technical professionals, implementers and architects. The content is 200 – 300 level and is being repeated across time zones. As there are 60 different registration links, rather than including the text of the invite or a matrix of all links, you can grab the invite here. Hopefully you’ll be able to open it and register for the sessions that are interesting to you in the coming weeks.
  • The last handful of Azure Tour stops are coming up in the next five weeks. I’ve provided you with the list & registration information below. Full details on the tour are at





22 and 23 February 2016



25 and 26 February 2016



26 February 2016



29 February and 1 March 2016



1 March 2016



3 and 4 March 2016


Hong Kong

10 and 11 March 2016


  • I had not previously heard about .NET Curry. They posted an article Run Desktop applications in the Cloud using Azure Remote Apps in January. It discusses the why, concepts, and how of Remote Apps.

  • Free ebooks, anyone? Microsoft Press continually updates their blog / list with a variety of free ebooks. A selection of Azure related ebooks are available at the link to the left.

  • Are you ready to build or strengthen your Azure Apps practice? The Azure Apps partner community is ready to help you at the Azure Apps practice building portal. Azure Apps span multiple technologies, and the focus of the community is to support your business with solutions leveraging Azure PaaS services such as App Service, API Management, Mobile Engagement, or SLQ Database. In the portal you will have access to:

    • A Concierge Service
    • Stay up to date with resources including trainings & marketing materials
    • Get guidance on leveraging funding resources available to support partners throughout the sales cycle
    • Find available technical teams with our Azure Apps experts in both Engineering teams and the field
    • Find how your company can be showcased in our Partner Directory
  • You know that I always like to include customer stories in Luper’s Learnings… Two interesting uses of Azure are below for your education and entertainment.

  • In closing… I mentioned the Azure Tour dates above and for the last several months. Azure Tour is just part of a larger Cloud Roadshow effort. On Microsoft Virtual Academy, many of the 30 – 60 minute Cloud Roadshow sessions have been recorded. If you can’t make it in person, these recordings are available for you on demand. A baker’s dozen that are top of mind for me:

Thanks for sticking with me and making it to the bottom of the February Luper’s Learnings. I’d love your input for topics for the March edition let me know what they are.