Finding Call Handling Features in Lync 2013

Call handling options are displayed differently in Lync 2013 than in Lync 2010.  With the new “hover" experience, you can find your call controls by hovering over different icons to display a menu.  Let's take a look at the Lync 2013 call handling options.

Muting yourself:  While in a call, you can mute yourself by clicking on the Call button in the call window or by hovering over the Call button and clicking on “Mute” in the pop-up menu.  


TIP: If you're using a Lync-Optimized device you can easily mute yourself by pressing the “Mute” button on the device.


Dial Pad:   When navigating a phone menu, such as when calling your bank, cable company, etc, you’ll likely need to dial digits to reach a particular department.  Simply hover over the Call button and select Dial Pad tab from the pop-up menu.  Along with the dial pad, you’ll have the option to type or paste alphanumeric characters as well, such as 1-800-FLOWERS.


Device Switching:   To change from one device to another during a call, such as switching from a speakerphone to a headset, hover over the Call button and click on the Devices tab.  This will display all of the devices you have plugged in, as well as your PC mic and speakers.  Click on whichever device you want to use, and the audio will automatically switch over to that device.

TIP: Another way to switch devices is to click the Answer/Call button on the device you want to switch to.  The Answer/Call button is represented by a handset icon on most devices.


Transferring a call:   While you’re in a call, Lync 2013 allows you to transfer a call to one of your listed phone numbers (mobile, home, or other), to a current conversation, or to another person. Simply hover over the call button and click the Transfer Call tab to display the Transfer options.  Select the desired transfer option to transfer the call.


Adding Participants to a call:  There are a couple of ways to add others to an active conversation. 

Hover over the Participant button and click on “Invite More People”.  This will open your Contact list as well as a location to enter a phone number.  Select a contact or enter a number to add them to the call.

You can also add a contact to a conversation by selecting that contact from the main Lync client and dragging it into the current conversation window.

Merging Conversations: The Merge Calls feature allows you to conference together two active call.  From either of the active call windows, click the More Options button (ellipsis icon), choose Merge This Call Into, and select the call you would like to merge with.  Your calls will automatically be merged into a single conference call.