Introducing the Microsoft Lync Client Platform SDK

Microsoft Lync is the new name for the next generation of Microsoft’s highly successful Communicator product.  The Microsoft Lync Client Platform SDK makes its debut with this release, and provides developers with a powerful set of tools for creating highly connected business applications which integrate all of Lync’s most exciting features.  The SDK has two parts:

  • A .NET API which enables a wide variety of scenarios, including audio/video/IM conversations, contact management, presence subscriptions & publication, UI automation, and UI extensibility.
  • A rich set of customizable  UI controls for both WPF and Silverlight which give developers the ability to easily integrate Microsoft Lync functionality into their applications.

The addition of this compelling new SDK to the already powerful set of managed API’s included with Lync is fantastic news for developers.  This blog will be dedicated to helping developers make the most of these API’s, and the next several posts will be focused on the many new features introduced by the Lync Client Platform SDK.

You can download the Lync SDK from Microsoft at the following URL: