Easy documents in Office 365

Did you know – SharePoint Online in Office 365 comes with a site template called “Express Team Site”. It’s a very fast and snappy way to get at team site up and running. And best of all: the preconfigured document library “Documents” comes preconfigured with icons for easy launching of new documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote)

How to:

  1. Browse to SharePoint Tenant Admin (https://[your domain]-admin.sharepoint.com) and sign in as a Global Admin
  2. Create a new site collection
  3. Select the "Express Team Site" template
  4. Enter all the needed info and click OK to create the site
  5. Make a note of the URL of the Documents Library (e.g. https://[your domain].sharepoint.com/sites/[your sitecollection]/Documents)
  6. Start creating documents


Unfortunately, the first time ever you create a document from the document library it opens a local copy. To save the document back to the document library do a Save As, paste the URL (see step 5 above) into the “File name.”, hit Enter and provide a name for the new document. The next time you create a document using the document library these step won’t be necessary – the URL is cached :-)

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