Microsoft Social Engagement Update 1.2 for October 2015 ready soon

We are pleased to announce the release of Microsoft Social Engagement Update 1.2 for October 2015 which will be ready soon. Customers will receive an email notification on when the service will be updated.

Most noticeably you will be able to

  • create records in your Dynamics CRM from a post in your Microsoft Social Engagement
  • leverage adaptive learning for your organization’s sentiment calculations
  • get sentiment calculation for a bunch of new languages

Create records in Dynamics CRM from a post in Social Engagement

You can now connect one or more Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance with your organization’s Social Engagement solution to create social activities and records in CRM from a post in Social Engagement.

With the new capabilities, you can increase efficiency of your sales, marketing, and service teams, by creating rules for automatic conversions of social activity to any system or custom record in CRM.

You'll be able to create or update one or more records from a single social activity, and provide additional information to define conditions in the conversion rules.

Note: This feature is being rolled out to organizations over the coming days to ensure a smooth upgrade experience.

Adaptive learning for an organization’s sentiment calculations

The sentiment algorithm is now capable of learning from edits to sentiment values. You can turn on the adaptive learning by navigating to Settings > Global Settings > Sentiment, once the feature is enabled for your organization.

You can turn it off at any time when you’re satisfied with the quality level of your sentiment. You can also reset all edited sentiment values to the default base model for sentiment detection. The sentiment algorithm builds a  dedicated model based on the users’ inputs for each organization individually (curations isnt shared across organisations)

New sentiment and app languages introduced

The application interface and sentiment calculation are now available for Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Swedish besides the already available languages for the application interface and sentiment calculation.

Note: This feature is being rolled out to customers in phases over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth upgrade experience. Once rolled out, customers will receive an email  notification and they will find a new page in the Settings area  (Settings > Global Settings > Sentiment) when the solution was upgraded to adaptive learning.

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