Social CRM - what is it, what can it do for you?

Social CRM


Far more than a passing trend, social is here to stay.


But when it comes to applying it to your business, you may be asking, "Where do I start?" The answer is simple: start with the priorities you have for your business.


Example: Loyalty



Enterprise Social can help you do whatever you need to do—faster and smarter. Social capabilities help you do many things:

  • LISTEN. Hear what your customers are saying, uncover trends, and identify influencers.
  • ENGAGE. Take part in meaningful conversations with your stakeholders.
  • COLLABORATE. Connect with people quickly and easily, and work together to desired outcomes.
  • AMPLIFY. Create broad awareness of your message.
  • SOLVE. Grow and harvest community knowledge, and connect customers to solve problems.
  • INNOVATE. Take action on ideas and opportunities gleaned from the crowd.
  • ANALYZE. Get real-time feedback, monitor buzz, detect sentiment, and measure impact.

To learn how see the whitepaper "The Connected Enterprise: Embracing social technologies to drive the Dynamic Business."

Update Post Convergence March 22, 2013 - Microsoft aquired NetBreeze a social listener application, which will bring a lot of capabilities to CRM

  • Customized dashboard for users - can contain trend charts, volume of mentions, tag cloud, list of influencers etc
  • Trend chart which provides a chart of trend over months - broken down by channel sources
  • Sentiment analysis (negative or positive) - includes sentiment terms that cause the negative or positive sentiment
  • Influencers and influence quotient (the impact of the influencer)
  • Ability to respond to social channels (like twitter) from within CRM/Netbreeze
  • Native language sentiment analysis


Below you'll see a screenshot of how we could embed this functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM down the line.



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