A Community That Cares...

Took another step in the evolution of our Public Sector Partner community today.

I hosted the first "Planning for the Remarkable Event" call today. The objective is to raise the game of all of us who execute customer-focused events to make them truly "remarkable."

But, it's not about my broadcasting for 1 hour to partners....it's about partners helping partners become better at what they do.

We started talking about generating demand for the event, talking about how to be Remarkable and I asked for input.

Lori wrote: We are co-hosting an event in March outside our market area- As recommendation we calendared 3 months a weekly touch and update with our partner. Additional recommendation to have call plan to start the marketing and calls 6-8 weeks prior.


Karen Dickerson(she loves Salsa, we learned) suggested: I think you need a min. of 3 to 4 touches - per contact. It also doesn't hurt to generate buzz and engage the audience by asking them to send questions to you in advance. Once they do, reward them with a Starbucks card, etc.

Then, during a conversation about location,

Charles(he loves Golf)said: My event in planning is at an existing client site. They built a new city hall and have offered to host our event, give a testimonial, and a tour of their new facility and finance dept. We also have the Public Sector ISV manager on the agenda. We are also holding a round table on the local issues.

I loved this one! What better way to get customers to be your advocates than to have them host your event?

As an overarching strategy

Cathy Souza offered: Partnering with other partners is key, pay attention to detail, stary focused, feed people that always works, giveaway stuff, do end of event survey,

And my personal favorite, when Maisha asked about best practices using the Microsoft RV, Beth chimed in via IM:

Beth Asked: I have used the truck if she wants to talk to me she can reach me at (916) 492-xxxx

Now, THAT is what I am talking about!!!

Talk to you on Feb. 18th...tell your friends