Another Fantastic Event for Get Engaged Partner...

Was up at the DP Solutions event this AM in Columbia. It was so well done, I wanted to cry!

Top line results

  • 65 attendees (out of 80 registrants)
  • 70% existing customers; 30% net new prospects

How the leveraged Microsoft

  1. They had a Microsoft presenter, leveraging the "Tee-up Presenter" system.
  2. Utilized Click to Attend to manage registrations
  3. The Microsoft RV (aka Mobile Event Experience) was there
  4. Drove net new customers using the Microsoft-provided list
  5. Attended the Mid-Atlantic bi-weekly marketing community call to get new ideas for event best practices
  6. Access to readiness materials on
  7. Used the Partner Event eval forms to obtain feedback

How they Maximized the Customer Experience

The topic was Vista/Office/Exchange, so they partnered with a training partner (CPLS) and had over 20 workstations where customers could sit down and immediately get hands-on experience using the new products.

Take a look at the agenda (below) and they had pre-scheduled slots so every customer could get time on the RV with a ticket. BRILLIANT!!

Total Microsoft Kool-Aid :-)

And, the raffle items....Windows Server 2003 (which I gave them when they blew their registration targets out of the water), Office 2003, and a spanking new Zune!

Lessons Learned

We (MS) still need to work on list quality

With proper planning and focused execution (these are Jill and Jay's words, not mine), they made this event a success.


It's what we've been saying all along...a minimum of 90 days, committed execution to drive, and leverage Microsoft.

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