Are All Customers Equal?

Old school marketers pull lists.

New school marketers use smart data  to drive their decisions (at least for the 50% of marketing that is 'scientific').


Started diving into the data that surrounds Public Sector so we can figure out how to target our marketing efforts. Not all customers are equal.


When it comes to working in the "Breadth" business (think of it as the 80% of customers who generate the 20% of revenue), the natural assumption is that one group can do something to affect the entire thing. My bias is that this assumption is erroneous. The proverbial "boiling of the ocean," which is why my previous work in this area was titled "Not Boiling the Ocean" (see doc here)-[office 2007 format].


So, instead of boiling the entire ocean, we select one spot within the ocean (where the data tells us that the revenue opportunity exists, lined up with the right partner set, and right activity) and through a focused, sustained effort, we try to determine if we can raise the temperature, so to speak, in that one area.

We will use a combination of models such as "Early Adopter" and "Next Logical Product" to help us figure out where to go in the ocean.

Once we do that, we align our marketing efforts, engines, and resources at the target...and don't deviate.

And, of course, Scorecard like hell. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.