Book Review: Never Eat Alone

The question I've got about Never Eat Alone is whether someone who is not already committed to the concept of networking as a critical strategy would take the ideas and run with them.

For hardcore networkers, this book is a must read (My LinkedIn Profile and on Facebook).

Not so much because of the vision (you already buy into that), but some of the tactics that can help refine your approach and take you from Good to GREAT (with respect to Collins and Porras).

Author Keith Ferrazzi does have a bit of an ego, but sometimes people confuse confidence with arrogance (don't I know it).

Keith is right on in terms of what networking can do for you (and more importantly, for others) and how it is, arguably, the single most critical element to profitability in the knowledge economy.

If I was at Mach 1 in terms of my commitment to networking as a discipline, Keith has kicked in the afterburners for me and now, with greater clarity, I'm going to Mach 3 (or at least trying to).

Now, if you think you should do networking and want to know where to start, no better place than begin with a Jedi master and take it from there.