Brands Worth a Weekend...idea re-blogged

Let me admit upfront. This isn't my idea at all.

I'm lifting it wholesale from Virginia Miracle of OgilvyPR who has a brands worthy of a weekend category.


Because I think it is a great litmus test for the value you are delivering.

It's a good one for you as a consumer and your relationship to brands...and the flip-side, for yourself as a brand. Are they/you worth the time?

If the answer is no, how do you stand out in a noise-filled marketplace?

On a micro-level is the brand of my friend, Jason, working on getting his story right.

On the macro-level, Microsoft, trying to get its CRM story right.

And everything in between.

As a "raving fan" or "true fan," where would you spend your time, voluntarily, helping the companies you love?

The question for those  do they find you, the proverbial needle in the haystack?

Part of the answer: they need to listen. This is one of the promises-and potentials-of social media. To facilitate the interaction and connection of like-minded individuals.

Some of mine are:


Some of the folks I follow on twitter or whose blogs I read (see blog roll below right), but interesting how more and more, it's the people who are the brand (along the lines of this post)

And even more interesting...there aren't that many I can think of that are "worth a weekend."

So, which are your "worth a weekend brands"?