Buy-in from the top...

I was speaking with one of our longtime partners yesterday. They've had a tough time executing an event with us. Three times they've scheduled and then canceled an event.

I spoke with the CEO yesterday and we talked about what happened. I told him about Rudy, and how commitment and effort is what's important.

I hadn't seen that from his team. Weren't reading this blog or joining our bi-weekly best practices call for event marketers (now open to anyone).

He admitted that he had scheduled the event, but wasn't fully committed to it...he was skeptical that they worked.

"Are partners making money?" he asked.

"Don't take my word for it, ask ALI , Enabling , Evolve , or BEI ."

He recognized that if he didn't buy-in, the odds of success for his org were slimmed.

Events...they are like marriage. Either you are committed or you aren't.

(here's one way to get commitment from your sales team).