Closing the Event Loop...

For Microsoft to invest in your Partner event, there's got to be an ROI. The partners who communicate this back get the love. Simple as that.

Now, we've made it even easier to track it. The data from our partner-led events is uploaded into Siebel and when your TPAM talks w/you, s/he can ask about specific companies and opportunities.

It took a while, but here's the data we've got for our events in Mid-Atlantic since Labor Day

    1. 1295 unique activities/leads we're tracking
    2. 388 identified opportunities worth $2,294,457 in pipeline
    3. 40 closed deals worth $283k! (an average of $7,090 per)


Huge? No. But it's a start...and you know who's going to get the attention, love and $/resources...the partners who are responsible for #2.

As I say to every partner....

I will NEVER forget that you are in the services business. But you have to REMEMBER that we are in the licensing business. If you do that, you'll be fine.