Commercial for Jabra

Ok,this isn't really a commercial. You can't buy endorsements on this blog. I value my rep too much.

However, you can make an offer of "check out this product and, if you like it, tell your readers what you think."

Of course, there are no guarantees. Authenticity is my hallmark.

Now, I'm a technophile/junkie, so when the guys at Jabra (whom I met at the Unified Communications launch back in Reston, Va in November) made me "an offer I couldn't refuse," I said I'd do it.

They sent me two devices.

GN9350_Banner_EM_EN_341The first, a GN9350 wireless headset.

The verdict: It freakin' rocks!!

I work from home a lot and, as is the case with many of you, the line between home and work gets blurred.

I hooked up this device to my standard home phone and via USB to my PC where I use SkypeOut as my primary home office line.

At the touch of a button, you can switch between the two. It's got AWESOME range (much better than a standard bluetooth headset). My office is in the basement and I've gone upstairs on calls. Quality is great and the flexibility to do true VoIP with the freedom of wireless is just great.

BT8040_PS1_EM_EN_1385 The second device was the BT8040 which is, BY FAR, the best bluetooth earpiece I've tried (I've had 4). It's ridiculously small and not only is the quality great, but on my T-mobile Dash smartphone, you can connect it as a music earphone, so I've listened to music and podcasts with it while not on the phone (a feature not available on my other bluetooth headsets). The only knock I have is that it isn't intuitive to me how to answer call waiting solely with the headset (I hang up on people), but it is tiny, fits in your pocket and is really comfortable.

I should also mention the Bluetooth dongle, which is slick and allows you to connect your laptop via USB to your earpiece for IP Telephony and listening to music/videos, etc. without wires.

This is definitely a glimpse of the future of Unified communications (from the accessory side) and slick to see how the devices are evolving.

Now, I just need a device that will allow me to use one headset whether I am on my cell phone, landline, or VoIP, but that's coming.

Anyway, these guys did a GREAT job with both design and technical quality.