Daring to be different...

We've all seen the "I'm away from the office" emails. They are normally bland.
Check out this one I got from Andy Sernovitz, CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. I'm even talking about his Out of Office message. Brilliant!! What a great way to market...even when you're away.

I will be out of the office at WOMMA's Word of Mouth Marketing Summit and Research Symposium until Thursday. I will have limited access to email.

1. Reporters and emergencies: Please call my cell at xxx-xxx-xxxx.
2. Wife and parents: You may also call my cell.
3. Charlie (my 3-year-old): No, you cannot pee in the sink. Yes, a dinosaur could eat a monkey.
4. Telemarketers: Please take me off your list.
5. Spammers: Please call my stock broker.