Details Matter, part 2


Here is the view of the parking spots across the way from me at Shoppers yesterday.


And here is the amount of room left by a contractor's truck on my driver's side.

It was so small that I had to get in the passenger's side. Pretty annoying since I had some bags as well.

Now, the contractor's truck had their phone number painted right on the door. You know what? I called and left a message for the owner.

He called me back. And I give him credit. Summarized it is as follows:

"As the owner, I know you are worried about what people think about your company. People form an impression about your company based on a lot of little things. I can't understand why a truck would have to park 8 inches away from my door when there were a TON of wide open spaces right across the way. It sends the message that you don't care."

He listened and agreed, saying in fact, "this is the 3rd complaint about this guy yesterday alone. Thank you for taking the time to call me."

By listening and affirming, the reputation of his company went from poor to good. The owner cares a, his challenge does he (or you) make all of the employees care just as much?