Earning Event Support...

Got an email from a partner doing an event for the first time saying,

"we will guarantee 25-30 people at our event in return for $1,000"

Here's the thing.

I pay for performance.

When you start registering people and you are trending towards a successful event (50-60 registered, assumin 50% drop-off), then I will put $$ into your reimbursement bucket. Not before.

Average partner reimbursement is $300. The best of the best, who consistently perform get about $500.

The value of working w/MS is much more than monetary, it's about leverage and taking advantage of all of the things that we can do to you to increase the likelihood of success.

With 75 events under our belt, my gut says that it's tough to guarantee event success.

As a salesguy, I know you "don't get if you never ask," but as a partner, it's important to know how an ask like this is received....if you've never proven yourself and are asking for much more than the best of the best get, it comes off as a bit arrogant, perhaps (and I know a thing or two about arrogance ;-)

There's NOTHING i want more than a successful partner event, trust me, but after we've gone through what I can offer, it makes for a challenging relationship when a partner comes back, ignores what I've offered, and expects the world.

A good lesson for me as well. Be respectful of what others are offering.