End of Fiscal Year Reimbursement Info..

If you are doing an event before June 15th and have funds allocated for reimbursement, here's a PSA from the Partner Events Team.

If you could instruct each partner that in order to receive reimbursement funding, there are a few “rules” they need to follow.  


First, they need to review the marketing reimbursement guideline, attached. This is very specific as to what qualifies for reimbursement.  


Secondly, they need to EMAIL or FAX the invoices. I have attached a fax cover sheet as well. They cannot mail hard copies of invoices. Also, they have 30 days post-event date to get the invoices to me. If they miss that window of time, they lose the money. If they claim they did not know who to submit the invoices to, they lose the money.  


I cannot tell you how many times per day I go through the same speech, and inevitably, partners either hard copy mail them, or claim they had no idea who to send them to….


MPE does not follow up with reminder calls or emails. The partner must take the responsibility, I even tell them to use a yellow sticky note if need be, whatever it takes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if they have events in June, they only have until June 25 to get the invoices to me. This would be less than the normal 30 day policy, but with fiscal year end, I must have them in order to get processed.

You can tell them checks are cut the last Thursday of each month, so they can expect a check mailed within a week after that.

Hopefully that is clear. Thanks for your co-operation and understanding. Sometimes working for a 70k public company isn't all its cracked up to be :-)

MPE Reimbursement and Fax Sheet.doc