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Bill Fleming writes in...


Debbie McCready said that Microsoft did not provide signage for the partner-presented events. I have scheduled time at a law firm's meeting room for two meetings during the same day and need to have a sign on the ground floor and one on the 17th floor.

If Microsoft will not provide signage, can y'all provide a graphics file for the signage you typically use at Synergy, Momentum, and similar events so that I can get a sign printed out that does not look "cheesy"?

>For signage, graphics, etc., try the Partner Resource Desk (prd@microsoft.com). Note: this is a GREAT resource for almost any type of generic support request. Please try them!

Also, any chance that someone can demo the flash demo file via webinar or something similar so that I can get a better feel on how to use it?

>For the flash demo, I’m not sure which one you are referring to. Did you look on the www.microsoftpartnerevents.com site? If you need help, you can ask them at mpeask@microsoft.com