Event specifics....

Adam at SolutionsDevelopers sent in some good questions today. Widely relevant.

I spoke with my CEO today in regards to the topics we would like to present for the Event in a Box. From our conversation, I have a few questions about the exact locations for the events, the exact cost we would incur for each event, and the catering costs for each event.

>the cost for the event is not fixed. We have done some research on hotels in the cities we've identified. They run anywhere from $350 to $1000 per room. Once you accept the Event Support Offer that you will receive from microsoftpartnerevents.com, you will work with a logistics coordinator who will handle this. Catering costs vary as well, depending on what you want, but run from $10 to $40 per person, roughly.


Also, would we be able to place some of our own slides into the presentation?

>ABSOLUTELY!!!! It’s your event, the event in a box slides are designed to help you kick-start the presentation and use the most updated MS slides possible (w/speaker notes)


From my understanding, we will be given a list in which we can call leads to invite them to these events. Would we be able to call them as soon as tomorrow at the Blitz in DC, and are we allowed to take that list out of the Microsoft buildings and back to our office?

>Yes, that is correct and YES, you can take it out of the Microsoft office (because the list you receive will not have any individual contact information, only company contact info and background data)