Leaving $5000 on the Table...

Please don't do it. I hate when partners don't leverage everything we can offer you.

If you are both a Microsoft and HP partner, you can apply for up to $5000 towards your marketing budget. (Get the welcome kit here)

HereĀ are some examples of applications that have been approved.[I couldn't add multiple files to this post, so they are on my SkyDrive public folder--a cool Windows Live service)

You need a 15:1 ROI of HP and Microsoft revenue for the amount you are requesting.

For MS revenue, you can use the data we have obtained from events we have sponsored.

Please note: this applies to organization that have 50-250 people.

For every 25 attendees you have, you can assume $17,000 in Microsoft licensing revenue.

There...now, go out and get the money!!! :-)

[You'll need to e mail the information in the attached forms to hpmssolutions@hp.com for pre-approval.]

Questions? Leave a comment on this post and we'll answer it for you and everyone...