Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate...

The intersection of two of my favorite and technology. But there's a much bigger message here.

It touches on building community. It touches on collaborative development.

The original post is so good that I am copying wholesale from Church of the Customer Blog

If you're a football fan, you haven't escaped seeing the YouTube-like Coors Light commercials that employ fake fans holding their cans of Coors (in a most improbable way) and ask dumb questions of actual coaches.

The gimmick is that the spots splice in the coaches' answers from their actual post-game news conferences. Funny premise, but most fell short of actual humor.

The commercials have succeeded, though, in inspiring a bevy of online copycats , precisely because it is an ode to amateur culture--mashing up actual footage with fake footage for humor. One of my faves features Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. The Pittsburghese is dead-on funny.

Not a bad blueprint for future TV ads: pay homage to amateur culture, and amateur culture will return the favor, spreading word of mouth.

Amateur ad featuring Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy [RSS readers click here .]


BTW, how GREAT was that Green Bay game in the blizzard?