Listening to your audience....


I can't stand blogs where the RSS feed is only partial.

I don't want to go to the website to read the rest of the article. Want to read it in the RSS reader.

So, I was embarrassed in a big way when I met with loyal blog reader, Marc Sanders, and he said:

"I've stopped reading your blog because of the partial RSS feeds."

Lesson learned: read my own feeds.

Turns out there was some error with the domain and I had to reset it.

Another lesson in listening to customers. You can never have that one enough.

And remember to listen no matter where the conversations are happening.

Oh, and you know what Marc also said:

"You haven't been writing enough lately."

Thanks, man. I'll keep it up and stay focused on the stuff you like (stories that, as he says, "start with the end in mind". Appreciate the feedback.