Loyalty Doesn't Cost Much...

CCI120820075_00000 A big call out to Liberty Mutual for reminding me why they are my insurance company.

I got this letter today telling me that they owed me $141.65.

It would be so easy for them to not tell me (like I would notice) and there are hundreds of ways they could have *justified* to themselves for keeping the money and adding it to their bottom line.

But, they didn't.

And now, I'm telling you about it.

Not only is it the right thing, it's the smart thing.

Better to give the $141 back to me than spend the same amount on a telemarketing campaign to get new customers.

I was a fan and now I'm an even bigger fan.

Which means the next time you are looking for a new insurance company, I'll have a story to tell you about it.

NIce work, LM!