Make it easy to work with you....

image I shop at Home Depot a lot (I do have some issues w/store organization and ability to find stuff, but generally, I feel like I get value for the money).

What bothers me, however, is when I go to the store finder to see hours of operation and it says, "call the store."

Why add a step to the process?

Why not have the store manager log on each night, update the hours as necessary, and log-off?

That would be one step instead of having his people answer dozens or hundreds of calls each day?

On top of that, it would improve the customer experience, since I get what I need ASAP.

Folks...each of us (and that includes Microsoft) has got to make it as easy as possible for people to do business with us.

I WANT to give Home Depot money...why add one step to that process?

And Kudos to Best Buy for getting it right