Making Lemonade...

Sometimes, no commentary is needed... From John at Solutions Developers

My company has done sixteen Microsoft events in the past sixteen months.

We had a pretty good track record until yesterday; nobody showed up.

We were packing up and a person arrived twenty-five minutes late.

My first remark, “Let’s sit down informally and share your concerns with us.”

After thirty minutes he said, “Can I just remote into my site to show you?” We gave him the lectern and he proceeded to show us all his pain points for the next hour. We took notes and responded to each of his concerns. The tables were turned; the prospect became the presenter.

Fortunately, our Dynamics SL Practice Manager has experience as a CFO and a CIO so he overwhelmed our presenter(!). It looks like we will be able to help this organization save money and improve efficiencies with Dynamics SL