Marketing is Internal As Well...

When we talk about what makes a "remarkable" experience, we usually talk about dealing with customers, but that same approach can and should transcend EVERY single part of an organization. Including employees.

I called John Jewsbury today (it's his birthday, so drop him a line) and asked him how his first few months at Sycom (one of the strongest partners in the Mid-Atlantic area) were going.

He was enthusiastic, to say the least.

"You know what is GREAT about Sycom? It's the little things. They really make their employees FEEL great.

 After 2 months, I got a nameplate for my door and then a gold-plated Sycom name-tag for events. And the thing that makes you realize how great it is....

There's an internal SharePoint site where employees can nominate co-workers for awards and recognition. At the end of the year, there's a drawing for winners.  

On those days when you feel down, you can just look at the Sharepoint site and quickly read about all of the awesome things that people are doing! It's a huge rush and gives you a ton of energy."

Sycom obviously knows that Details matter... and Details Matter, part 2 or as we've said Little Things Make a Difference and Little Things Make a BIG Difference... (you get the point, right?) It's what separates a 5-star hotel from the others.

And as we saw in Roxane's planning for her event last week, the really great companies understand that PEOPLE are the valued asset to be cherished.

Marketing is ALL-encompassing. Give EVERYONE a REMARKABLE experience and watch things happen.

Easy to say. Tough to do.