More on "No Lead Left Behind..."

It's too expensive for you to generate interest on the part of a customer and then not follow up in some way. Too often, I see partners calling the "hot leads" from an event and not bothering to follow up and nurture the cold ones. It's like a to work it.

Even more so...the folks who said they would come up, signed up, but didn't.

Don't leave them behind either.

Blog reader Dave (and RSS subscriber!) from Evolve sends in the following parable as proof:

So I’m calling this AM for our event, and get the person I want – decision maker with the money. He’s interested, but can’t make the event date. So I offer to present on the 20th, and come out with the presentations I did and talk to him one-on-one. So I have a call scheduled after the event to talk about the topic and set a face to face.

So if nothing else, our next event got me the meeting I needed.

If a customer raises his or her hand at any point, call on him!