More Powerful Than Microsoft...

Think that one person can't match the marketing firepower of a company with a billion dollar marketing budget?

Think again.

The fact is that the game has changed and it's critical that Microsoft-and every other company-understand this.


As Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell explain eloquently in their book Citizen Marketers, it comes down to a few key concepts.

  • the "democratization of everything"
  • People are the Message

Ben and Jackie help you understand the seismic shift that is occurring in how companies market and the power of the individual. There are a select group of people who are willing to invest the time (they call them the '1 percenters') who are willing to invest their time and energy (for free) to passionately advocate a product they believe in (or passionately dismiss a product they dislike).

Any you know what?

Whatever those people say (well, maybe not whatever!) is going to carry as much weight as the "co-ordinated campaign with message discipline" of a traditional marketing campaign...simply because it is authentic and real.

You NEED to understand this FUNDAMENTAL shift in the relationship between customers and companies and you have to embrace it, both as a service provider and a consumer.

Budgets don't matter. You can't "control" the message. It's a new era. Companies need to adapt and you can take advantage of it. Read the book and join us!