Need help finding content for your event?

We have noticed that a lot of our partners are having trouble finding the event resources.  Mary wrote some instruction that are below, that may help. 

Mary Madrigal is in charge of content on the (aka site. She writes:

If this is a sponsored event, you should be able to see your Event Resources from the Action Menu with the Campaign materials without having to search the Campaign Center on  This is of course if the partner has followed the steps by accepting the Event Offer and hasn’t started by creating a self-service event.

To find a Campaign, log onto  Go to Campaign Center and search for the appropriate Campaign by GTM (Go-to-Market) or Customer Campaign, Product or Vertical Industry.  If you know the particular Campaign Title already it is easiest just to Show All Campaigns from the drop-down and they will be sorted in alphabetical order.

There are two ways to create a self-service event.  You can simply click on the Campaign Title (that you have located in the Campaign Center per the instructions above) and then choose the selection to Create a Seminar or Webcast at the top of the Campaign and then follow the steps/questions to get your event on its way.  The other way is to go to Create an Event > From a Campaign and then go through the same process.