Nurturing your relationships...

When we went to hear Seth Godin, he talked about cultivating (as farmers do) those who are interested in your product/service.

Ask people who know me and they will tell you that I have a very programmatic approach to managing the relationships I have formed. I send out a quarterly update to different audiences

  • my friends
  • colleagues in Microsoft
  • business contacts

I also call all of my friends each year on their birthdays (and some of my biz colleagues as well)

Peter Ells as Software One has a similar approach. We've never really done work together, but we've chatted a few times over 2.5 years. Yesterday, I got my annual gift of a nice package of coffee.

It was timely for two reasons

  1. that morning, I had run out of my own
  2. he may be able to solve a problem I have

You see, Peter has a program called VARAssist that helps VAR's make a lot of money in reselling software. As it turns out, the Get Engaged program is looking for VAR's to execute with in our partner event engine.

I called Peter up and he's going to send me a list of the VAR's they work with...I'll sponsor events with them and Microsoft, the VAR, and Software One all win.

Love it when relationshp management looks like it pays off.