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Don't take it from me that makes your life easier, here's one of our partners:



I am responsible for all marketing efforts for SolutionsDevelopers, a certified Microsoft Partner in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

For the past several weeks I have worked with the Microsoft Mid-Atlantic team in regards to partner led events.  SolutionsDevelopers has six scheduled (past and present) events for the remainder of the calendar year, and each event has been planned with the direct assistance of Debbie McCready.

I just wanted to take a moment and express the appreciation SolutionsDevelopers has for Debbie McCready’s efforts in helping us with our Partner-Led events. 

She has been a tremendous help in assisting me with setting-up dates, registration sites, and communications with the various hotel reps for each of our events.  When I have a question and in most times a request, she replies to me within minutes and has taken action on the requests immediately. 

The most recent example that comes to mind happened at our last event on September 26th when the hotel we were using for our event claimed we had not completed the correct forms and that we had neglected to pay for the event.  I informed Debbie of the situation and she contacted her team and resolved the situation to the point where within minutes of her conversation the hotel rep gave me a personal apology for the mix-up (which was completely the hotel’s misunderstanding).

The entire Microsoft Mid-Atlantic partner team has assisted us tremendously in all of our marketing efforts and events.  However, Debbie has without a doubt made the MPE experience incredibly easy on us, which in turn allows for more efficient productivity for SolutionsDevelopers to drive attendance to our events.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read the appreciation the entire team at SolutionsDevelopers has for Debbie McCready.